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The Old City of Caeasarea

  • Duration Half a day
  • Group Size Small-Large

Settled during the Hellenistic period (3rd century BCE) by the Phoenicians, who built a small port city called Straton’s Tower. In 90 BCE, the Hasmonean king, Alexander Jannaeus, conquered the city to expand the borders of his kingdom and develop its shipping industry. The population was Jewish until the Roman conquest in 63 BCE. King Herod transformed the city in 22 BCE by construction of its sophisticated port, warehouses, markets, wide streets, and magnificent public buildings.

Caesarea also flourished during the Byzantine period. In the 11th-century, the Crusaders captured Caesarea and ordered the construction of high walls (parts of which are still standing) and a deep moat. Caesarea was abandoned during the War of Independence, but some houses and parts of the mosque remain.

Recommended Tours
  • Travel to Caesarea, the Capital of Judea by the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where pagans were baptized by Peter. Sites include the Roman Theater, the Aqueduct to Caesarea, and Herod’s Palace.
  • Afternoon coffee at Caesarea.

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